Celebrating Black Innovators

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Altice USA and HISTORY are proud to recognize and celebrate the contributions of African Americans to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. We invite teachers and students to utilize the resources below to learn more about African American Innovators and their influence on modern science and technology.

Sample lesson and Activity Guide

The daughter of Louisiana sharecroppers, Sarah Breedlove channeled her own experience and a talent for promotion into a successful business built for and by black women.

Jemison, a physician from Alabama, was America’s first African-American female astronaut, as well as the first black woman to travel to space.

The 2017 hit film Hidden Figures told the story of three African-American women who helped America triumph in the Space Race, but they weren’t the only black women at NASA who deserve to have their impressive stories told.

This collection of stories features a variety of black doctors, inventors, mathematicians and more who rarely have made the history books despite their significant achievements.

Meet the trailblazers whose historic feats in the scientific and medical fields have helped and inspired people around the world.

Did you know that Madam C.J. Walker was the first American woman to become a self-made millionaire, or that George Washington Carver developed nearly 300 products from the peanut? These quick facts feature some important highlights in black history.

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