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Case Studies

Cyberbullying: Not Just Name-Calling
Harassment and humiliation take on new forms in Cyberspace. Learn about the consequences, actions and reactions of using cell phones, the Internet and other digital devices to bully one's peers.

Cyberbullying Case Study

Digital Permanence: Forever is a Long Time
These days, what goes up online, often stays online. It may not be where it was initially posted, or in the same format, or it may disappear and resurface somewhere else – even though it's digital, it can still be permanent. Ensure that what you post won't get you in trouble or affect the online impression you make.

Digital Permanence Case Study

Fair Use - Beg, Borrow or Steal?
Understanding the fair use exemption to copyright law is critical for students who routinely mine the Internet for digital media for class projects, research papers, and other educational purposes.

Fair Use Case Study

Keeping Personal Info Private
Establishing basic guidelines for Internet use is the first step in ensuring students' online safety. Learn what information should and shouldn't be shared online and appropriate interaction with online "friends."

Keeping Personal Info Private Case Study

Misinformation - Truth or Spoof?
With no central authority or librarian to help students separate valid information from junk online, assessing the credibility of a site is an important part doing internet research.

Misinformation Case Study

Social Networking: Don't Give Yourself Away
It's very popular for young people to meet and connect online at sites like However, an awareness of the risks and steps for being safe can ensure a positive experience with social networking. Don't give yourself away!

Social Networking Case Study