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Elementary School Cellphone Use

A proposed rule in a Maryland school district that would allow elementary students to use cellphones during specific times of the day has sparked a debate about whether or not students should be allowed to even bring their phones to school. The average age in which a child receives their first cell phone is ten years old, and Ann Flynn, director of education technology at the National School Boards Association, says this is a hot topic of discussion in schools. The National Education Association has written about the pros and cons of cellphones in schools and since it is parents in so many parts of the country who have pushed for allowing cellphone use in schools, you may want to acquaint yourself with both sides of the question.

iPhone Users Have the Power to Make Their Phones Less Hackable

The most recent development in the story of searching the San Bernardino terrorist’s cell phone is that the FBI has

New ACT and SAT Technology Related Security Measures

Besides now requiring identification photos when students register for the ACT and SAT, Educational Testing Services (the company that administers the SAT) is supplying a wand detector to proctors