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The Number of Podcasts Listeners Growing in Numbers and Influence

Still thinking about trying podcasts? Podcast listeners are growing in their influence of how news and entertainment are produced and received, according to a new report by the Knight Foundation and Edison Research who interviewed 29,000 podcast enthusiasts. Some of those interviewed, qualified as super listeners by listening to 10 or more hours of podcasts per week, including 38% of 18 to 24 year olds who fall into that category followed by 43 percent for ages 25 to 34. The number of podcast listeners seems to be growing with 67 million people listening to one or more podcasts per month and podcasts increasingly raking in the cash (the industry is projected to reach $220 million by the end of this year).


Podcasts – The Guilt-Free Alternative to Screen time

More kids are pressing play on podcasts as “a guilt-free alternative to screen time”, according to a recent New York Times article entitled The New Bedtime Story is a Podcast. Kids’ podcasts started to boom recently, especially after National Public Radio’s release of Wow in the World, a series that chronicles cool new stories about science and technology. Now there are entire production companies for kids’ content and podcast subscription apps that sell “a lifestyle shift.” Panoply’s children’s subscription app, Pinna, brands itself as “Screen free. Ad free. Guilt free.” Their biggest issue? They still have to pull a profit, and it can be “a sticky issue” advertising to kids. Some are solving this by targeting parents instead, and pitching ad-free services for a monthly fee.

Why Aren’t Their More Podcasts for Kids?

There is evidence that kids respond more creat