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No Cheating: You Tube Pulls EduBirdie Videos

YouTube has pulled videos from more than 250 channels that contained paid promotions for EduBirdie, a service that allows students to pay for ghostwritten essays. Although the service isn't illegal, YouTube's policies forbid advertising for "academic aids." EduBirdie's own channel on YouTube has also been severely reduced. Where once there were dozens of videos, there is now just one left, a guide to how to write an introduction to an essay.

Bunk – The History of Plagiarism, Hoaxes and Fake News

We continue to need to talk to kids about how to evaluate sources online and off, but we all should probably know more about the history of the hoaxes, plagiarism and fake news. A new book entitled Bunk – The Rise of Hoaxes, Humbug, Plagiarists, Phonies, PostFacts, and Fake News by Kevin Young draws connections between the days of P.T.Barnum and the 21st century and compares terms like swindler and confidence man to contemporary buzzwords like plagiarismtruthiness and fake news. More than just telling tales of hoaxes revealed, Young discusses the theory of the hoax and the effects of the deception on politics, online news and everyday life then and now

The Unobvious Consequences of Plagiarism

Teaching children not to plagiarize is sometimes not as easy as just having a discussion. It is a crime as old as the first pictograph and to kids, it often seems a victimless crime or one they don’t completely understand because there are so many different kinds of plagiarism . What other persuasions can you add to your argument beyond “just don’t do it?” Take a look at the 15+ Unobvious Consequences of Plagiarism in Academia on the site to see what teachers from all levels of education have to say on the subject.  Some remind kids that the loss of reputation is everything. Others talk about how it is a killer of creativity, and that students should learn to value their own thinking and learning. The final remarks of one commentator reminds kids that broken trust between students and teachers is very hard to repair.

What to Tell You Kids About Plagiarism In Light of the Melania Trump Speech

The concept of plagiarism, especially in the digital age, has come sharply into focus after Melania Trump’s recent incident with a plagiarized speech. As educators would call it, this is a teachable moment and it might be a good idea to talk to your kids about why plagiarism is bad and how to avoid it. Some kids might not think it is such a big deal when they see someone on the national scene plagiarize (without visible consequences even though it created a controversy), and might be tempted to try it too. The spotlight on this issue might have teachers hypersensitive to plagiarism this school year, so it is important to stress the severity of it with your children.

Easy Bib

Getting those citations correct in a research paper or project can be a lot of work.

Understanding Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a practice that many kids think is “victimless,” but in schools and out in the real world committing the offense still has significant consequences.