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Finding a Healthy Media Balance This Summer

With the end of school year upon us, it is incumbent upon parents to help kids to find a healthy media and real world mix to make sure screen time doesn’t become the majority of what kids do.

Why You Should Care About Kids and Online Privacy

Online privacy is something we adults think about – or should – because having your identity stolen or having someone spy on you online is not only creepy but can be a nightmare in terms of time an

The Conformity Fostered By Facebook

The Facebook Effect – the tendency to spend more time with people who think like you and less with people who are different – isn’t trivial according to a recent New York Times op-ed colum

Forced to Upgrade

Social networks have erupted in recent weeks with complaints about a tricky way Microsoft is using to get people to upgrade (for free) to Windows 10.

Who is Responsible For Taking on Cyberbullying?

While the article Who's responsible for tackling cyber bullying? appears on the web site of an Australian newspaper, the Brisbane Times, the message is a universal one...