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The Greener Choice: An eReader

If you are on the fence about whether to stop buying paper books and go with digital versions instead, one of your considerations might be the environmental impact of buying paper. While many publishers are moving towards sustainably sourced paper, there are two greener directions you might decide to go. Joining a library or getting an eReader can both help the environment and unclutter your life. Some advantages of eReaders include being able to read in the dark, no storage room needed, and access to independent authors you may have never heard about before.

Helping Kids Learn to Read Deeply on Digital Devices

Children are doing more and more reading and assignments on digital devices, but day-to-day interactions with digital devices have instilled bad habits in many kids, including breaking away to text or check social media. These habits make it difficult for them to delve deeply into digital texts the way they would do with materials printed on paper. Teachers are developing methods to counteract these diversions and to teach students how to read for content and context. Interested in trying some of these methods with your own children? Check out Strategies to Help Students ‘Go Deep’ When Reading Digitally on the KQED news site.

Tricks for Making You iPhone or iPad More Useful for Home (and School)

Kim Komodo recently posted a column sharing 7 useful tips for your iPhone and iPad. Did you know that your device will charge faster if you put it into Airplane Mode before you plug it into the wall? What about turning on captioning if your kids are asleep and you still want to watch a movie on your device? These are just two of the tips she discusses on her list.