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Are Parents Clueless When It Comes to Their Kids and Data Collection?

According to a new survey done by the Future of Privacy Forum entitled "Beyond One Classroom: Parental Support for Technology and Data Use in Schools," parents are still mostly clueless about the laws regulating the use of student data, and they don't buy into the idea that more laws will somehow provide the answers they want. Only one in five parents knew that there were federal laws restricting what companies can do with information collected from children online. Another 24 percent knew there were laws but didn't know the details. The remainder knew nothing about federal laws in particular. That contrasts with the 94 percent who responded that they felt they should be informed when their child's record was being shared so they would know with whom it was being shared and why. Do you know what data is being collected from your child and how is it is being shared and protected?

College Students Put the Use of Personal Data Before Privacy

About 98% of students want colleges and universities to use their personal data to improve the college experience, according to a recent survey by Wakefield Research. Students suggest they would like their data used to help them with things such as keeing track of graduation requirements and choosing courses. Of course, some of that data, including health information, may be pose a privacy risk but students seem to feel the benefits outweigh the risks.

What Do Companies Really Do With that Data They Gather on Your Children?

When you think of digital safety you probably think about cyberbullying, identity theft, and hackers... but what about the online dangers your children are exposed to through the data that is collected about them at school? To learn more about how this data is collected and used, take a look at the article How Companies Learn What Children Secretly Want to help safeguard your kids and understand the targeted marketing that is going on while children do their schoolwork.

California Law Limits Use of Student Data

A new California law that recently took effect will prohibit education-tec

Proposed Legislation to Protect Student Data Privacy

Bipartisan legislation has been introduced in the US Senate to help protect the privacy of students. Called the “Protecting Student Privacy Act”, this legislation would set limits on how companies collect and use student data and would require companies to...