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Deleting Apps

Summer is coming and there is a good chance you will be adding more apps to your phone for travel, entertainment or maybe to keep your kids busy. Before you do so, think about how you can clear up your phone by organizing and deleting apps that you and perhaps your children no longer use. Need some help getting started? Try “How to Declutter Your Phone” for tips on deleting apps, freeing up storage and disabling unnecessary notifications.

Snapchat Encouraging Kindness

As reported in The Drum,  Snapchat is continuing its partnership with the Ad Council (public service announcement creator), to roll out a new "Because of You" anti-bullying campaign. The campaign, aimed at teens, encourages Snapchat users to use the Lens Carousel feature (part of the app) to share a moment on how another individual made a positive impact in their life.  ‘”Because of You” is a movement that encourages teens to reflect on the power of their words and actions, and consider how they are affecting others – for better or worse. The campaign encourages a more empathetic, inclusive culture by asking users to consider the impact of their actions.

Snapchat and the Ad Council will also co-host a ‘Creators for Good’ summit as part of Snap’s ongoing Creator’s Lab workshop series, inviting creators to the Santa Monica Creator’s Lounge to learn how to use their creative talents to promote social good initiatives.


Fraudsters Target Mobile Apps

A recent article in Adweek reports that from 2017 to 2018, the number of fraudulent apps increased more than 150%, according to a DoubleVerify report. Since 2017, invalid ad impressions on mobile devices has doubled year-over-year. Security experts are calling on developers and app stores to help fight fraud in the mobile space.

Social Media Use Remains Unchanged

It looks like privacy concerns are not chasing away social media users, according to Mashable .The share of adults in the United States on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest has remained basically unchanged since 2018, according to a Pew Research Center report, even though consumers have voiced concerns in other Pew studies regarding data privacy and censorship. YouTube won the popularity contest with 73% of overall users, while younger demographics favor Instagram and Snapchat.

App Helps Manage Privacy on Social Media

As reviewed in The Verge, the new privacy app “Jumbo” on Apple’s iOS is designed to take the guesswork out of user data protection protocols on social media sites. Although some social media sites have restrictions on what the app can do, Jumbo can help manage your privacy on Twitter, Facebook, Alexa and Google search, and plans are afoot to add Tinder and Instagram. So how does it work? For example, connect to your Twitter account, and Jumbo will delete tweets from the time frame of your choosing, let’s say after a month. Your Twitter password is saved to the iOS keychain, not Jumbo itself — part of the company’s effort to collect as little data about its customers as possible. The app is currently free, but eventually we all may end up paying to protect what little is left of our privacy.

District Uses Scanners to Track Students on Buses

WBAY-TV in Green Bay, Wisconsin  reports that one Wisconsin school district is installing scanners on school buses to track students as they ride to and from school. The technology will use identification cards to track students and allow parents to use an app to see where their buses are, and even receive notifications about when their children enter or leave the bus, district officials say.

Instagram More Relevant than Facebook for Gen Z

Generation Z (roughly those born between 1995 and 2015) connects much more with Instagram than Facebook, some of them even having multiple Instagram accounts, Taylor Lorenz says in an article in Digiday . "Influencers are here to stay," she says, and points to the powerful engagement influencers have with followers, making  Gen-Z the latest object of marketer fascination. Teens use digital media in a very different way than other generations, even having their own language, and there are clear differences across generations when it comes to the Internet and social media consumption.

An App For School Projects

Looking for something to add a fun digital component to your children’s school projects and have them learn some new tech skills? Book Creator is an iPad app (there’s also a version for Chrome) that allows users to create ebooks that can be easily shared. Kids are able to use text, images, audio and video in their ebooks, making this a tool that can be used in many contexts or homework projects.

The New Apps Your Teens Know About That You Should Know

While old apps like Snapchat and Instagram are still among teen favorites, there are new apps for social media, video-sharing and homework help that becoming hot with teens and tweens. Check out these new titles listed in an article entitled Apps you've never heard of that your teen is already using , complete with a description of the app and what parents need to know about it.

Sandy Hook Parents Promote App For Reporting School Threats

National Public Radio reports about 600 school districts are expected to start using the nonprofit Sandy Hook Promise's mobile app that allows for anonymous reporting of school threats and bullying. The app, currently in use in 150 districts, is available to schools for free. Students say they're more likely to report their concerns on an app, than to go in person to tell a teacher or administrator.